• vol. 1, Autumn/Winter 2015: the ‘Debut’ Issue. In the first issue of Fashion Philosophy magazine, we introduce our permanent team by showcasing their best work to date, and feature work by Charlotte Chloé Colin, and Abi Buchanan. We’re focusing on the matters that relate to the fashion industry, offering you a view on some of its undervalued issues. With the “Debut” issue we want to form a distinct voice in the pioneering industry of independent publications.
  • vol. 2, Spring/Summer 2016: the ‘Art’ Issue. In the second issue of Fashion Philosophy magazine, we explore the incredibly broad spectrum of “Art” through critical essays, articles, and visual art. Featuring work by Phoebe Mead, Katlyn Newman, and Alice Kiteley. The fluidity of the world of art is outlined with various articles regarding different sides of it – involving the fashion world as well as something closer to our reality such as museums and various exhibitions.
  • vol. 3, Autumn/Winter 2016: the ‘Body’ Issue. Contributions are now closed. Out in October, 2016.
  • vol. 4, Spring/Summer 2017: the ‘Girl Power’ Issue. Contributions open until 28th February, 2017.
  • vol. 5, Autumn/Winter 2017: the ‘Queer’ Issue. Contributions open until 30th August, 2017.