We love to hear from our readers, and we love answering questions! Below is a list of all frequently asked questions. For all further enquiries, please email at info@fashionphilosophy.net, and PM on Facebook/Instagram. We will reply within a couple days.


Q: Where would I purchase Fashion Philosophy in print?
A: Every issue of Fashion Philosophy is available to order in print, email us for further instructions and information. However, we are working towards opening a Fashion Philosophy online store, where all our publications will be available for purchase.

Q: How do you choose who to feature?
A: It all depends on the content. The best work is reserved for our publication only, with a couple exceptions where we post about the feature on Fashion Philosophy blog. This includes editorials, art and photography projects, and essays. Our blog is the place to find all our articles, as well as inspiration posts.

Q: Is there content you do not accept?
A: We do not accept content that doesn’t agree with our philosophy. To learn about what Fashion Philosophy is and does, read our *about* page.

Q: How do I become a contributor?
A: It’s very easy! When you decide that Fashion Philosophy is the publication for you, write us an email. Our Guidelines, as well as Terms and Conditions, are listed *here*. We always welcome new contributors and guest bloggers, and you decide which of these positions works better for you!

Q: Do you provide pull letters?
A: Sadly, we do not provide pull letters. We prefer not to commission editorials and project, but rather publish personal and independent work.

Q: Will I receive a copy of Fashion Philosophy in print with my featured work?
A: We wish we could offer free copies of our publication to all our contributors, sadly, we are in no position to do this. We are working very hard to make this possible however, and we appreciate all your help!

Q: Do you cover project expenses, and offer a reward for the published content?
A: We’re not in a position to cover any expenses, and we do not offer any financial reward for the content published on Fashion Philosophy blog and inside our bi-annual publication. We consider Fashion Philosophy to be a timeless collection of works by intelligent and wonderful individuals, thus we rely on independent contributions.