At Fashion Philosophy, we welcome contributions all year around to publish new material on the website and later include the best pieces in our magazine. Our focus is on publishing work from writers, photographers, videographers, and illustrators.

Please send your contributions and enquiries to, and alternatively you can reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram.



Articles/Text – Word and PDF files only. Word count for short articles must be at least 600 words; total word count limit for articles and essays is 2,200 words.

  • All articles will be checked before publishing and any editing will be discussed with the author prior to making changes. Proof-reading is highly advised before any material is sent over.
  • Articles should be submitted in a clean and easy to read format – written with a proper use of grammar, punctuation, and paragraphs. Please look back on the articles published on the Fashion Philosophy blog to view the formats in use.
  • Essays and long articles need to have a list of references and a bibliography included at the very bottom/last page to avoid copyright issues.
  • Any images that you would like to feature to support your writing need to be properly credited and need to be of an appropriate size. In a case of an image that you do not own, you need to note the original source and an author.

Photographs/Images – WeTransfer/Dropbox uploads, or direct attachments via email; JPEG files measuring minimum 2,000px wide for website submission, and minimum 300dpi for magazine submission.

  • All submitted photographs and images need to be clearly marked. In a case of a needed image sequence in order to better understand the body of work, all images need to be numbered.
  • When sending more than one project or editorial work at once, please organise them into separate folders.
  • Include full spreads only; meaning a minimum of 6 images must be included per project/editorial
  • All editorials (fashion and beauty) need to include a minimum of 4 different looks. Editorials including less than 4 different looks in total will only be published on Fashion Philosophy blog.
  • Single images with no background information/story will NOT be taken into consideration unless they are directly asked for by the Editors. This does NOT apply to single images attached to accompany an article/essay work.
  • Attach full credits in an email, preferably in a Word/PDF document. Projects received without a full list of credits attached will not be published on any of Fashion Philosophy’s accounts.

Videos – WeTransfer/Dropbox uploads, or direct attachments via email; HD files only. Important: for print submission, please send over stills or screenshots of the video. If the video or film includes sound and/or music, you may include subtitles in your screenshots.

  • All submitted videos and films will be a part of Fashion Philosophy’s [upcoming] YouTube channel.
  • Teaser videos are welcomed, limiting the time to just 20 seconds. The minimum length of a full video is 2 minutes and 20 seconds. Short films will be limited to 16 minutes – if your project is longer than this, please discuss this with one of the Editors.


 Terms and Conditions

>> All content submitted directly to Fashion Philosophy must be your own, never before published work unless it is asked for by one of the Editors.

>> Magazine submission deadlines are set to the 30th of August (Autumn/Winter issue), and the 28th of February (Spring/Summer issue). Late submissions must be discussed directly with the Editor-in-Chief.

>> An embargo will be placed upon all content accepted for magazine publication until after the issue is out. Posting your images online without any prior agreement and before they have been published in Fashion Philosophy will result in your work being pulled from the magazine issue.

>> Submitted images will often look quite different once printed on paper. For this reason, we would like to reserve the right to modify and alter images for print layout, in order to ensure an aesthetic flow. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, adding borders, cropping, saturating, and brightening the images.

>> You are granting Fashion Philosophy an unrestricted and non-exclusive license to use the photographs now, and in the future. All published images will become a permanent part of the magazine, and in a case of an image used on the cover of the magazine you are granting Fashion Philosophy a permission to use it for promotional content.

>> The selection process for all submitted content begins up to two days after the submission deadline. Being commissioned or asked for a specific set of work does not guarantee a publication in the magazine.

>> At this moment Fashion Philosophy cannot offer monetary compensation, however all team members and contributors will receive a digital copy of every publication. Any profits earned will be equally and rightly divided between all current team members, depending on the quality and quantity of published work.

>> By submitting to Fashion Philosophy, you are indicating that you have read and understood the above terms and conditions and agree to them.