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Exhibitions [London] – May Edit

Spending the summer in the City never sounds that exiting — nor that boring, just very ‘meh‘ — especially when all the people you know are counting the days away from their departures to jaw-dropping destinations. It would be a huge mistake, however, to undervalue London during summertime; the City is in full bloom with all kinds of events, music festivals, parties — you all know what I’m talking about — but sometimes it’s better to stop to strive for the mesmerizing and incredible summer experience and to enjoy the refreshing quietness of a museum. Any art lover knows that no, museums are not just for rainy days: they are also the perfect haven from the warm and lethargic summer days — and, most importantly, let’s not forget the knowledge you get from them. Here is a list of selected exhibitions in which art, photography, and fashion are explored in countless, various ways — for all the different tastes possible. These exhibitions are currently on, or will start and finish during the month of May, and are held …


“Milan: Breakfast at Prada, Lunch at Armani, Dinner at Gucci” by Margot Noel

Whenever someone says Italian Fashion’s better than French Fashion, it raises my hackles. First of all, no one has to win. There’s room for everyone. And secondly, let’s be honest, if someone has to win, it must be Paris. That said, I actually went to Milan last weekend and, although I come from Paris, and was naturally drawn to comparing everything, I liked it a lot. I might even have said I could see myself living there. Maybe I said this four times. Maybe I had been drinking too much wine. Don’t listen to me. In general, I thought both cities where quite similar. Beautiful cathedrals, cute guys, and stylish girls – it’s hard not to ask them where they got their bag. And their dress. And their hair. And their face actually. And, will you marry me? But something’s different about Milan. Something’s better. They achieved something we really fail at: mixing the two coolest things in the world – food and fashion – to create the ultimate dream: couture bakeries, cafes, hotels and restaurants. …