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“Alessandro Michele & Gucci”, by Amy Jackson

Alessandro Michele & Gucci: the Michele Effect. Fashion Philosophy’s Amy Jackson investigates Gucci’s growing popularity under its Creative Director, Alessandro Michele. * Hailed as the highest selling Italian brand, Gucci is a name that’s always been synonymous with luxury. Whether it be their leather loafers or bamboo-handle tote bag, it’s likely most fashion lovers have a soft spot for at least one classic Gucci item. When Frida Giannini, the labels beloved creative director of many years was forced to leave the brand due to a decline in sales, Gucci looked to a new designer to pick up the pieces. The decision to appoint unknown designer Alessandro Michele as the new creative director of the brand was a surprising one, especially with such big names as Ricardo Tisci, Christopher Kane and Hedi Slimane being rumoured to take the spotlight. The buzz surrounding Michele’s new role, however, was high, and many believed his unknown stance in the fashion world was one of the reasons for the attention and excitement around his debut collection. Michele’s first collections reflected a mixture between …


Anecdotal Luxury: The Fashion Hybrid Complex

The individuals behind brands such as Hood By Air, Nasir Mazhar and Cottweiler are at the frontier of a new fashion format. They each share the artistic inclination to explore deeper facets of our humanity through their work, revealing something subversive about our species. The way they present their collections is also fitting of this new formation. You can find their clothing seeking refuge from the commotion of commerce in sparse exhibition spaces, moving away from the segue of the runway, indicating the need for a change in the way fashion is communicated. These brands also have a closely connected peer group both online and IRL, which has been described by some fashion critics as “cult” and “tribal”. This description seems banal for an industry which is supposed to encourage collective forms of creativity within communities. The clothing that these brands produce is also more ambiguous and casually constructed than has previously been the norm in traditional fashion circles, leading to their collections being generalised as “streetwear”. This is a term that some designers strongly …


Searching for Inspiration

Sometimes finding inspiration for a new creative project can be a task in itself. We have all been there – sitting at the desk, staring into the computer screen and wishing our brain would just magically click and let you have an out-pouring of amazing ideas, but unfortunately inspiration just doesn’t work like that. #1 / STEP AWAY FROM THE DESK One of the best ways to find inspiration for projects is to actually get away from the space that you work in, get out of the familiar and see what happens. This can really help if you’re feeling stressed about your work, because you might just be going over the problems too much, when really all you need is to clear your head. This could start by simply taking a break and going for a walk. When I do this I always take my camera, it’s relaxing and when the mind is at rest new ideas can evolve and take shape. #2 / TAKE A WALK You might already know what places inspire you. For …