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“About Fashion”, by Nicole Clinton

The Oxford English Dictionary’s definition of the word ‘fashion’ is “a popular trend; producing and marketing styles of clothing etc.”, only barely verges on the true meaning and potential of fashion. While it often finds itself unjustly dismissed as a subject of frivolity, this is a grave misconception. Fashion’s function is in fact so complex that it is rooted in paradox as it operates on the basis of the amalgamation of opposites. Its effects can mirror the cathartic power of any good piece of art, ranging from awe to tragedy to comedy. It performs as a reputable tool for the sociological study of any given era, race or gender and also acts as both a physical manifestation and stimulus of psychological feelings. Fashion is a soldier of great valour, honoured with the task of executing its duties in opposing territories. It possesses the ability to serve contradictory purposes through its paradoxical functions. For example, fashion is a means through which one may stand out from the crowd by exemplifying a unique sense of style. But …


“Repeal the 8th”, by Nicole Clinton

Repeal the 8th: A Matter of Choice. Nicole Clinton discusses Ireland’s Repeal the 8th movement. * “Currently sold out, our store is opening again soon, thank you for all the support so far in making this issue seen and heard.” This is the message that one was greeted with when after clicking on to view Irish website, in mid-October. The much sought-after product that the message refers to was the visually striking REPEAL jumper that saw political statement meet fashion statement in an innovative and blatant manner. The simple black creation with the word ‘repeal’ plastered across it in white capital letters, may look like a slogan sweatshirt that crept out of a nineties style revival, but it is actually a way of creating awareness for an issue that has triggered heated debates throughout Ireland in recent years and has just about reached boiling point. Its popularity is a testament to the overwhelming support for the ‘Repeal the Eighth’ campaign which seeks to allow free, safe and legal access to abortion in Ireland. The ‘Eighth’ …

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“The Art of the Second Skin”, by Nicole Clinton

The Art of the Second Skin. Nicole Clinton examines the perception of makeup and how it affects our use of the medium in an essay written for Fashion Philosophy. * The mentality surrounding makeup and the reasons behind why it is worn are extremely multifaceted. How we view makeup personally, as an individual, or collectively, as a particular group or society, is significant in how we employ the medium and in our consciousness of our decision to create a given look. While a cloud of misconceptions is known to follow it, makeup plays a lead role in style, creative expression, and self-image. We’ll be exploring whether this misunderstood medium belongs to the realm of fashion, body or art and question the relevance of its criticisms. Makeup could be viewed as an extension of fashion and thus as an external entity that we add to our natural form. If it is perceived from this angle, then yes, it is an artificial object by nature (in the same way that a dress or jacket may be) but this …

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“Bowie’s Band of Outsiders”, by Nicole Clinton

Fashion Philosophy‘s Nicole Clinton, considers David Bowie’s stylisation of the outcast and its effect on his followers. * No-one personified the intersection between fashion and music more than David Bowie. In fact, considering that his amalgamation of the two media verged on art and that he also dabbled in film, he could certainly be placed firmly in the centre of the Venn diagram of modern culture. He was one of those rare figures whose work marked a collision of pop-culture and high-culture. Following his death, the public lamented the loss of an icon and the legacy that was revered by many Bowie fans was that he showed the downtrodden outcast (that they themselves confessed to have been) that it was okay to be different. This, he most certainly did. However, was every person who claimed that Bowie helped them to accept their outsider status actually an outsider to begin with? Or did Bowie’s image make the strange so alluring that even a very average person wanted to see themselves as alien in order to feel …

STREET-STYLE: Ciara O’Doherty in Dublin, Ireland{part III}

Ciara O’Doherty, Presenter/Stylist/Blogger, photographed at the National Museum of Ireland grounds in Dublin, Ireland by Dominika Wojciechowska in collaboration with Kildare Village for their #DayTripToChic campaign. Wearing: feather coat by Fran & Jane // Missguided top // Choies skirt // Persumnall heels // necklace from Ciara’s collection.

#News: May

For the first time this May Fashion Philosophy has launched its News Board post, rounding up all the most important news stories. Below are just few note-worthy things that you should know about, written by Tskenya-Sarah Fraser. UK & Ireland News >> Big, big news! Please hold onto your seats. London Fashion Week will take place in new venue after six years at Somerset House. Yes, Fashion Week will be moving from the iconic beautiful setting of Somerset House. LFW first launched in 1984 and has been the bi-annual highlight for fashion lovers every year since. Caroline Rush, Chief Executive of the British Fashion Council told the fashion community that ‘the new and exciting venue has already been dubbed as Brewer Street’s ‘Fashion Park’ and will offer freedom and flexibility to designers who will be able to transform the show space to reflect their own aesthetics and identity’. This will be great evolution for LFW and I am sure that the change in location will not affect the buzz of Fashion Week, however we are …