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“About Fashion”, by Nicole Clinton

The Oxford English Dictionary’s definition of the word ‘fashion’ is “a popular trend; producing and marketing styles of clothing etc.”, only barely verges on the true meaning and potential of fashion. While it often finds itself unjustly dismissed as a subject of frivolity, this is a grave misconception. Fashion’s function is in fact so complex that it is rooted in paradox as it operates on the basis of the amalgamation of opposites. Its effects can mirror the cathartic power of any good piece of art, ranging from awe to tragedy to comedy. It performs as a reputable tool for the sociological study of any given era, race or gender and also acts as both a physical manifestation and stimulus of psychological feelings. Fashion is a soldier of great valour, honoured with the task of executing its duties in opposing territories. It possesses the ability to serve contradictory purposes through its paradoxical functions. For example, fashion is a means through which one may stand out from the crowd by exemplifying a unique sense of style. But …

#News: February

>> Tom Ford Cancels NYFW Presentations Tom Ford has flouted the traditional fashion calendar (conventionally showing collections four months before their release) by cancelling his planned presentations at NYFW. “Our customers today want a collection that is immediately available. Fashion shows and the traditional fashion calendar, as we know them, no longer work in the way that they once did,” Ford said in a statement released this month. Instead, his AW16 collection will be delayed until September, where it will be instantly available for purchase. >> Cavalli Settles Court Cases Roberto Cavalli has settled two plagiarism lawsuits out of court. One involved the MTO Shahmaghsoudi School, who claimed a tattoo in Cavalli’s Just Gold fragrance campaign resembled a sacred emblem which represents the school’s beliefs. The second lawsuit came after Californian graffiti artists Revok, Reyes and Steel claimed designs from the Just Cavalli label were taken from one of their murals in San Francisco. Details were not disclosed, however both parties agreed to dismiss their cases. >> Gucci’s AW16 ‘Graffitied’ by GucciGhost Graffiti inspired-designs have …

London Fashion Week AW16, Day 2: Holly Fulton

Selected looks from Holly Fulton AW16-17 collection showcased at London Fashion Week in February 2016. Photographed by Kim Weston Arnold, sourced via Vogue.