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Q&A with Charlotte Chloé Colin

Today we’re welcoming another new member to our Fashion Philosophy team, a fashion illustrator Charlotte. Here in an interview with Dominika Wojciechowska.

Dominika Wojciechowska: Tell me a little about yourself. What are your passions?
Charlotte Chloé Colin: My name is Charlotte Chloé Colin, I am 24. Originally I was born in France and I’ve been living in London for about 6 years. I’m a Fashion Design [womenswear] graduate from London College of Fashion and I am mostly passionate about drawing.

DW: What would you like to bring and gain from contributing to Fashion Philosophy? Is there anything you’d like to see on the site?
CCC: I’m excited to be part of Fashion Philosophy blog as I’d like to focus my work around fashion, I think the fact that the mediums and styles I use are so eclectic will bring an edgy view on fashion illustration. I would love to see some more colours and light artwork on the site, I think it could be really beneficial.

DW: How did you first get interested in illustration?
CCC: I don’t really know how I first got interested in illustration in the first place; I started drawing as a kid and basically never stopped. I actually wanted to study fine art but when doing my Foundation Degree I realised that fashion would be very exciting direction and still allow me to draw. It’s when I started my BA Degree and did a few competitions that fashion illustration became a big focus for me. I’m also very interested by cultural studies and love to dig deep into different subjects.

DW: How do you see your future? Are you hoping to establish a career in the fashion industry?
CCC: I am hoping to establish a career as a fashion designer, but illustration has always been my big love. Design and drawing go hand in hand anyway!

DW: Do you have any favourite blogs or fashion magazines that inspire you?
CCC: My favourite blogs and magazines include Colossal, VECTRO AVE, Rookie, Hi-Fructose Magazine, Because, Polyester Magazine, Dazed and Confused, USED Magazine… that’s just a few!

DW: How does your creative process look like, do you do any preparation or research before you start working on your illustrations? Whose work inspires you?
CCC: My creation process when drawing usually starts by a photograph that strikes me, or a movie. It’s the faces that interest me the most. I use to take pictures of random people that I found interesting so I could draw them later. Katy Grannan’s work inspires me a lot, I love her raw portraits. I’m also a big fan of the illustrator Porous Walker and how he doesn’t take himself too seriously.

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