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Q&A with Stephanie Alcaino

This week we are welcoming a new amazing photographer to our Fashion Philosophy team – Stephanie Alcaino. Interviewed by Dominika Wojciechowska.

Dominika Wojciechowska: Tell me a little about yourself. What are your passions?Stephanie Alcaino: I’m a Multi-ethnic [German/Chilean] Australian photographer from Sydney. I’m an avid traveller, creative and animal lover. I see every experience in life as something to help build on my imagination.

DW: What would you like to bring and gain from contributing to Fashion Philosophy? Is there anything you’d like to see on the site?
SA: I would love to bring something fun and different as well as shedding more light to the Men’s fashion industry. I would also love to see a lot more original fashion work up on the Fashion Philosophy.

DW: How did you first get interested in art and photography?
SA: I studied fine arts at university alongside languages and fell into photography by chance. Originally I wanted to major in painting but by some strange last minute gut decision I chose photography, and I have been obsessed ever since!

DW: How do you see your future? Are you hoping to establish a career in the fashion industry?
SA: I would love to still see myself in this industry years down the track, I absolutely love what I do and I love meeting people along the way and hearing about their stories. I hope I can continue to progress upwards!

DW: Do you have any favourite blogs or fashion magazines that inspire you?
SA: Not as such! I love looking at a lot of different things and collecting on the things I love, things that inspire me, and help define the voice in my work. But if I had to choose a handful; it would be Fashion Gone Rouge and The Fashionisto websites as they bring together a collective of fashion work from everywhere.

DW: How does your creative process look like, do you do any preparation or research before you start working on your photographs? Whose work inspires you?
SA: My creative begins with a lot of research; I love looking at images, using Pinterest to build on ideas and inspiration. Sometimes there will be one small thing I see that will spark a new idea. From that I love putting together a team that is just right for what I am after as well as putting together mood boards to give the essence of the shoot. After that I let the day of the photo shoot take me through the journey, sometimes something I might see in my head begins to change and develop into something a lot more interesting, I love working and listening to my team and maintaining lots of positive energy through the day to allow. People always give 100% when they are in a happy environment.

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