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Q&A with Abi Buchanan

Dominika Wojciechowska: Tell the readers a little about yourself. 
Abi Buchanan: I’m an 18 year-old student from the east coast of England and in September I’m going to be studying English Literature. I’m easily excitable and a total people-person, I don’t like being by myself for extended periods of time.
DW: What are your passions?
AB: I’m very passionate about literature- but I’m also passionate about writing things of my own. I believe I have something to say, so I plan on saying it! I love fashion – it’s an art form we see around us all day every day and live our lives in. My favourite designers are Alexander McQueen and Mary Kratrantzou, although I find it almost impossible to decide.
DW: What would you like to bring and gain from your work at Fashion Philosophy? Is there anything you’d like to see on the site? 
AB: I’m looking to expand my online portfolio and grow as a writer, so Fashion Philosophy is perfect for me as it’s aligned with my interests. I hope that I can contribute some fresh perspectives and interesting pieces.
DW: How did you first get interested in writing? Do you see yourself working in the fashion industry?
AB: I’ve always written, from stories when I was little to articles now. There was no definitive point at which my interest began, I’ve just always loved stories. I would love to find a permanent job in fashion journalism, either writing or editing.
DW: Do you have any fashion magazines that inspire you? Are there any recent news from the fashion world that caught your eye?
AB: Last year I did some work for a magazine called Stylist that’s distributed in large cities around the UK. I found their work – a feminist twist on fashion and lifestyle – totally inspiring. Most recently I’ve been interested in inclusivity in fashion – I watched a Channel 4 documentary on plus-size models like Tess Holliday and it highlighted for me that maybe things don’t have to stay how they currently are, I can hope to see the development of a fashion industry that doesn’t solely accept one (largely unattainable) body type. While fashion at the moment could be seen to cater for only a narrow range of people, I’m hoping to see this change.
DW: Do you think the fashion industry has done everything it can in terms of inclusion? 
AB: Unfortunately, I still think there’s a long way to go! That’s partly what I’m interested in trying to develop – inclusivity. I would love to see a development in the range of body types represented in runway shows and advertising campaigns. I would also like to see a shift in the way female-centric media presents women – we are at our best when we are building each other up as opposed to taking an interest in tearing each other down.

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