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Q&A with Ludovica Colacino

After her review of Sonia Delaunay exhibition at Tate Modern published on Friday, we now would like to introduce you to one of our newest members – Ludovica Colacino.
Here in short conversation with Fashion Philosophy’s Editor-in-Chief, Dominika Wojciechowska.
Dominika Wojciechowska: Tell me a little about yourself. What are your passions? 
Ludovica Colacino: I’ve always had a wide range of interests, but, among them, I’m more passionate about the one regarding arts like drawing, photography and painting. I adore reading, writing and traveling too.
DW: What would you like to bring and gain from contributing to Fashion Philosophy? Is there anything you’d like to see on the site? 
LC: As a past History of Art student, I’d like to see more of it on the website – hopefully I’ll be able to enrich it with my reviews of the exhibitions I will attend, giving to Fashion Philosophy’s followers recommendations of what’s happening in London artistically speaking. I look forward to gain a deep insight of the world of Fashion and to learn as much as I can from the rest of the team.
DW: How did you first get interested in illustration? 
LC: Arts have been my deepest passion since ever, and I’ve always been very keen on drawing – so I’d say my interest for Illustrations grew naturally.
DW: How do you see your future? Are you hoping to establish a career in the fashion industry?
LC: My aim is to make my future revolve around arts, especially photography. I’m more of a portrait and traveling photographer rather than fashion, but, on the other hand, I’ll focus more on the fashion industry for my illustrations. I look forward to collaborate with magazines or galleries.
DW: Do you have any favourite blogs or fashion magazines that inspire you? 
LC: Some of my favourite magazines include i-D, Dazed and Confused, Suitcase, Frieze and Interview Magazine.
DW: How does your creative process look like, do you do any preparation or research before you start working on your illustrations? Whose work inspires you? 
LC: I hardly ever program what I’d like to draw, therefore my research is mostly “visual”: I take inspiration from other illustrator’s work. My favourite illustrators are Agnes Cecile, Miss Led, Monica Ramos and Chiara Bautista – I also owe a lot of my style to the tattoo artists Hannah Snowdon and Bouits.

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