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Ramen noodles & Fendi

Fashion and food go hand in hand. Both are overindulged. Both are binged. Both are great to look at; a photo of an extra chocolatey chocolate cake next to a Céline handbag is an aesthetic masterpiece.

This season, accessories brand CJW have created a range of quirky scarves featuring an array of delicious illustrations. Bowls of Ramen noodles, sushi, cakes, avocados and more adorn the scarves, along with some fashion favourites; Fendi bag bugs and Nike trainers. The scarves are made from featherweight wool, ideal for summer nights.

In an interview with, the brands founder Christina J Wang revealed that as well as looking great, the scarves also contain information on her favourite NYC hotspots; “Each scarf has text detailing the different objects: where to find it and the cost of owning it. The scarf itself is a cool object, but also functions as a guide to what to get your mother for Mother’s Day or where to eat lunch today.” 
To view and shop the collection, visit CJW website.
Piece written by Amy Jackson, photo courtesy of CJW.

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