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Mariana Jungmann: interview & AW15 catwalk collection

Mariana Jungmann AW15 Collection – review, written by Tskenya-Sarah Fraser //
Catwalk images sourced from Mariana Jungmann‘s website.
The AW15 collection by Mariana Jungmann was a beautiful mix of mohair, lace and imprinted leather. I was certainly ashamed that I had not heard of Jungmann’s work before visiting her runway show during Fashion Week, as her vision and attention to detail is evident in each catwalk item. Jungmann started brainstorming and working on her collection in 2011, firstly establishing the brand in Sao Paulo, Brazil. By 2013, she had reached out to a European market, trademarking the brand for it’s handmade lace and exquisite materials to create unique luxury garments.
The collection was feminine and classy, with a rich mix of outfits that ranged from the everyday to banquet style. I think it is this variety, as well as high quality that makes Mariana Jungmann’s collection so successful. 
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Fashion Philosophy’s  Co-Editor, Tskenya-Sarah Fraser, sits down with fashion designer Mariana Jungmann. After a storming AW15 runway show our team was curious…

Tskenya-Sarah Fraser: Tell me a little bit about yourself: where you grew up and what past times you have.
Mariana Jungman: I am originally from Goiania, a city in the middle of Brazil. I’ve lived there most of my childhood. After I became an adult I decided to explore the world, moved to America for a while, than got back to Brazil, to Sao Paulo this time. There was where I’ve done my BA in Fashion and finally I’ve moved to London where I live now. I am a very energetic person, I need to keep myself active so I love going to the gym and doing some weightlifting or going snowboarding when I can.

TSF: Do you think your culture influences your designs?
I think as a person you are a conglomerate of your experiences in life, it doesn’t matter what profession you have, those experiences will always be part of you and manifest themselves in some ways and your culture plays  a major part on your experiences. So as a designer my culture influences me, so much so that I work with a type of hand made lace that is traditional in Brazil. I design it in London and it is all made by hand in my country.

TSF: How did you get into fashion?
MJ: I’ve always loved fashion. It might sound a bit of a cliche, but I did. I’ve always liked seeing how different people dress, how clothes makes you feel, the sense of self-assurance you get from the way you dress yourself and the different types of messages you can put out there a compilation of garments. That was what drove me to fashion, this possibility of telling stories and bringing different feelings to different people.

TSF: I love the way you use lace and leather, what inspired you to use those materials? 
MJ: As a women we are full of paradoxes and I love exploring them. That was how a chose to work with lace and leather: one so feminine and delicate the other one so masculine and powerful. I’ve decided to play with that, so I make the leather look like lace (by laser cutting it). This season I wanted almost to merge the leather and the lace so we came up with the technique that looks like I pressed the lace on top of the leather until the leather blisters, almost hugging the lace.

TSF: How would you describe your brand in ONE word?
MJ: Femininepowerfulcosmopolitan does that count as one word?
TSF: What is the biggest hurdle you have faced as a fashion designer?
MJ: Everyday is a different hurdle. I am not only a fashion designer I run a business, I deal with people, employees, suppliers, models, photographers etc, so different things are happening around me all the time. It is a hurdle but I love it.

TSF: What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?
MJ: Be true to yourself, don’t try to make things just because you think it will attract attention. Be resilient and curious.

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