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Equality – dawn of a new era

Illustration and words by Jessica Holden,
updated version of University Project.

In my last semester at University we were to pick our own briefs and projects. When I was in the library I came across old copies of Vogue Magazine from the 60’s and 70’s and I just fell in love! The photographs where so stunning and the clothing was beautiful. So I decided to do an editorial illustration from an article in one of these editions. I wanted to illustrate an important issue as it would give me more of a focus, so I started to look for articles surrounding women’s rights as I knew it was relevant to the time. 
In a 1975 edition of Vogue UK I found an article where the sex discrimination bill was just being brought into action. Baroness Betty Lockwood is mentioned in the article as she states, “my job is to remove discrimination against women”. After reading the article, I found her to be very inspiring. One quote from the article which really shocked me was about a women who wasn’t able to open a shop account without having a male guarantor. It really highlighted the inequality and how women where treated at that moment in time. 
“She was asked to produce a male guarantor before she could open a shop account!”

In my final illustration piece, I wanted to focus on the dawn of a new era as working women were on the rise. The protest boards highlight strikes which happened around this time, such as the Sewing Machinist strike in 1968 in Dagenham. I think a key element for this illustration was the use of type, as it shows the inequality that was a major issue.

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