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Scoop AW15 Collections

Written by Tskenya-Sarah Fraser, 
photographs by Dominika Wojciechowska.

Scoop International Fashion Show is a premium women’s apparel and accessories trade show held at Saatchi Gallery in London. The exhibitors are leaders in the industry, showcasing their talent, as well as their successful and unique take on fashion.
Scoop was launched in 2011 by Fashion Expert Karen Radley, her vision has given international brands a place to showcase their collections and each year the show becomes more and more popular. The Fashion Philosophy Team visited the show on all of the showcase days, from 1st to 3rd February, and we have formulated a list of few of our favourite collections!

Twist & Tango
The beautifully minimalistic Twist & Tango is a Swedish fashion brand that was founded in 1995. The brands core values of ‘fun, simple, personal and feminine’ was clearly present in the collection at Scoop this February. The brand do not just specialise in womenswear, but holds an impressive collection for kids! We absolutely loved the neutral tones of the new Autumn/Winter collection and delicate feminine touches in their lace lingerie sets.
Carla Pontes
If you are looking for powerful neutrals then the Carla Pontes collection is for you! The brand can be characterized by its continual push for formal clearance and modern simplicity, taking care in its fabrics to deliver a simple urban style. Each piece is ‘viewed as an object for the study of design… finding shapes in the third dimension’. 
By Boe
Cult jewellery brand By Boe began in 2000 in New York and was inspired by the designer’s Scandinavian roots. The brand has been worn by celebrities such as Rihanna and Alexa Chung. The collection is so subtle, but it is this subtle appearance that makes the accessories a huge statement. Less is more and the By Boe collection gets it right. 
Sunday Somewhere
What else is there to say about Sunday Somewhere other than that their sunglasses are to die for! It is difficult finding the right pair of sunglasses, with summer only four months away it would be a good idea to start looking for that perfect pair now. The brand do not just specialise in Sunglasses, but also have a trendy range of optical glasses as well. 
Religion has been a commercial favourite for many years, blending everything that is youthful with a grunge, counter-culture style. Religion clothing has always been distinctive and the SS15 collection on show at Scoop highlighted that distinctive doesn’t mean repetitive. 
The glove brand Agnelle was founded in 1937 by Jospeh Pourrichou in France. The brand has managed to remain as affluent as it is due to its revolutionary innovation into glove style. Gloves can be found with tassels and different patterns on them, making them real fashionable accessories. 
Thank you Scoop International for having us, the Autumn/Winter collections were amazing! We cannot wait for Scoop London that’s launching in just few months. We’ll see you there!
Pictured above: 1. Entry to Scoop International Shows and Saatchi Gallery. // 2. The beautiful Antica Sartoria collection. // 3. Accessories at Twist & Tango stand. // 4. Sunday Somewhere sunglasses.

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