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Opening Ceremony AW’15

Opening Ceremony by Carol Lim and Humberto Leon triumphs again with their reminiscent fall collection. The collection is for every fashion lover who has been craving for a perfectly executed milleu of 90’s retro style with a modernist twist.
Lim and Leon take inspiration from analogue cameras for part the collection, as Kodak is so boldly printed on two of their jumpers. But this vision transcends itself into the silhouette and selective cut of the jumpers as they trigger the actual visualisation of a camera lens. The sharp cut of the square boxes are picture perfect, showing the great thought, precision and intentionality that Opening Ceremony put into their garments.
The statement prints are also something to commend. We are reminded of early 90’s patterning where Aztec, picture mixing and stripes were rife elements to street style. There is deliberate effort to make the collection look casual, even in the frame of suits.  The casual aspects of Lim and Leon’s collection act as anarchic tributes to youthfulness, new and innovative ways of styling yourself. Having a suit set in one print is rebellion against the norm of professionalism, challenging the boundaries of traditional work settings. 

The whole collection begs its viewers to analyse themselves through a unique lens that pushes the boundaries, Lim and Leon give us the chance to push past the limitations of casual styling.
Written by Tskenya-Sarah Fraser;
Image source: // courtesy of Opening Ceremony.

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