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“we are all hipsters”, by Tskenya-Sarah Fraser

‘A person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream…’ – Oxford English Dictionary definition.
Living in the heart of East London I am used to seeing people expressing themselves through the medium of fashion and styling. Everyday when I leave my house I am astounded by the other once conventional boundaries that are broken. I am inspired to see how different people work and alter their clothing to form an extension of themselves. Individualistic styling is booming within our fashion capital, and for me, the most interesting sub-culture that has emerged out of this individuality is the hipsters. When I decided to write this piece I found it difficult to find an ideal image the stereotypical ‘hipster’, and had to settle with an image that I thought expressed the freedom of expression that is so present within the styling choices of this particular group. Many people will associate hipsters as stereotypical “stoner kids, who wear Ray-Bans and second hand clothing’” but it is so much than this.
From what I see the style is an eclectic mix from other subcultures and time periods to create a kind of anachronistic blend of both once popular and outlawed trends. The way in which the Oxford dictionary describes the culture hints that there is an element of intentionality to being a hipster. It doesn’t take into account that each individual follows their own styling rules in which they have found a comfortable space of originality.
“… by my definition a hipster is an individual who though a creative choices creates themselves…”
We are in an age where individualism within fashion is everything. Lots of young people whilst exploring personal style do not feel the need to conform to seasonal trends or the mainstream. Leading to the question of “Why do these kids not want high end fashion anymore?” and for me the simple answer is because they don’t need it. It is stylish to be yourself, and explore the racks of thrift stores without being hounded down by your fashion conscious friends.
By no means am I stating that these styling choices are new, but it is intriguing to see why it has become so affluent in recent years. I believe it is because this sub-culture has something for everyone, and each styling choice you make is for you, and you only!
So by my definition a hipster is an individual who through creative choices creates themselves. Essentially we all are hipsters to some extent- yeah I said it! Just some of us don’t fit the tumblr stereotype.
Written by Tskenya-Sarah Fraser,
photographs by Dominika Wojciechowska.


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